Life Choices Program

Andrew Fisher delivers a fast paced, direct, challenging and at times brutally honest program, inspiring students to leave the past behind & have the courage to make better choices for their future.

Delivered under the Welfare & Well-being Curriculum, the Life Choices High School Program challenges teens to stop and think through the consequences of some of life’s significant choices, for themselves. It encourages them to choose the path that is ‘right’ for them.

Life Choices Foundation has delivered effective, engaging and impacting programs to more than 300,000 teens, challenging them to stop and think for themselves and to become the person they want to be.

 The 60 minute presentation provides evidence-based information and real-life stories that inspire young people to stand firm in the face of difficulties and negative influences.

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The Purpose

The Life Choices Foundation delivers effective, engaging and impacting programs that challenge the paradigms and behaviour of individuals, and challenges them to think for themselves, to leave the past behind and to be “courageous” in the face of important life choices. The Life Choices Foundation provides information, education and a voice of reason that equips, strengthens and provides a hope for a brighter future.

The Life Choices Foundation is a registered charity that aims to reach, engage and impact teenagers, prisoners, detainees and those suffering from abusive and harmful behaviours, and to provide a framework from which they can make positive choices around some of life’s important decisions. 

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Other Programs

Life Choices Foundation has a program to suit your school! 
Along with our Life Choices presentation, we also offer two high impact in person presentations and a range of digital presentations.

'Unlock Your Olympian Mindset' presented by Olympic Athlete Eloise Wellings and High-Performance Coach, Rory Darkins, the presentation aims to equip students and staff to build resilience, overcome challenges and get the most out of life. 
Topics/Focus:  Vision, Growth-Mindset, Resilience, Purpose & Grit, Self-Talk and Thriving Through Stress.

'Make Bullying History' presented by Brett Murray has a powerful component that positively reinforces each and every individual’s intrinsic worth and value, and challenges the participants with positive goal setting, dreams and vision for one’s life.
Topics/Focus: Identifying what Bullying is, what it is not, why people bully, how we can stop it, self-esteem, self-worth & achieving your dreams.

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