It's your life, so make it count!

This is the strong message that comes through when a High School is visited by the Life Choices Foundation. Over the past 20 years more than 350,000 teenagers have been challenged to stop and think for themselves as part of the Life Choices program. 
The program re-enforces the messages already being taught by the school, be responsible for your own actions, care for the community you are part of, respect the needs and opinions of others and to become the best version of themselves.
Life Choices uses the highly acclaimed research of Martin Seligman and the Happiness Institute. It encourages students to have a positive phycology and to value community. The program challenges student to have the courage to make the choices around important life choices for themselves and to not allow peer group pressure to determine their path.
99.5% of teachers report that the Life Choices program provides a positive contribution to the students High School experience.

Successful tour comes to a close

For the past week Andrew Fisher has been touring as an ambassador for the Life Choices Foundation presenting the highly acclaimed Life Choices program and the positive feedback continues to roll in. “I thought the topics were very relevant and gave students a lot to think about in a very positive and empowering way”, “It opens the students and teachers eyes to the many problems that young people deal with. It gives them strategies to help them deal with these issues and to help them understand that there is always a way to deal with them, but it is their life and they are the ones that have to make that decision.” “Very informative for students. It helped them to think twice about their actions.” “Andrew was very energetic and engaging, he really captivated the students with his presentation.”  Are just a few of the positive comments receive back from teachers present

Unlock Your Olympian Mindset

Olympic runner Eloise Wellings has transitioned her High School program so as to be under the umbrella of the Life Choices Foundation. Speaking of the move Eloise said “I love having the opportunity to speak into the lives of young people, my time however is spread thinly as I have multiple facets to my day where I might be training, speaking in a High School or engaging with Love Mercy, a charity that I co-founded. Having the Life Choices Foundation manage the marketing, sales and administration is a huge advantage and with their experience in the High Schools environment it makes perfect sense. 

Feedback is the key

At the end of every Life Choices Foundation presentation teachers and student are provided the opportunity to provide direct anonymous feedback on all the programs. “It is critical to have direct feedback for our programs said ambassador Andrew Fisher, there is no point turning up with a self-serving program, it’s got to pass the test of direct feedback from the people that attended it.” So the question is how does it go? Well, 84% of students say the program encouraged them to value themselves more and 83% of teachers say the program is either better or the best presentation they have seen, 98% of teachers said the information was interesting and understandable. 

Making an impact!

There are no punches pulled when Life Choices Foundation Ambassador Andrew Fisher visits a correctional centre. “There is no point beating around the bush, it’s important to tell in like it is, we are not there to judge them but we are also not there to sing Kumbaya around the campfire either, it’s a balance of respect and responsibility says Fisher. 
The reaction speaks for itself with 97% of inmates saying the presentation inspired them to think more about their legacy & future and 100% of staff saying the content was relevant to the inmates and was interesting and understandable.
The Life Choices Foundation visits over 20 gaols across Australia each year speaking to around 1000 inmates.